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Special Guests Join us for Gameday


It was not your average Monday at Stadium Place…It was Seahawks Monday Night football!  The day started off with the KING 5 morning broadcast live from our 5th floor patio. KING 5 brings lots of guests with them including Blitz, the Seahawks mascot.  He seemed to really like the amenities at Stadium Place, he spent most of the morning playing in our game room.

KING 5 also brought two extra special guests that we were honored to have at Stadium Place.

Meet Avery and Jim.

Avery and Jim both entered the KING 5/Stadium Place contest to raise our 12th Man Flag and we couldn't be more thrilled that they won. Avery and Jim are both battling cancer but they are both incredibly strong, inspiring individuals and neither of them let their diagnosis dampen their spirit, particularly their Seahawks spirit. 

Avery is eleven years old and her life is filled with love for the Seahawks.  She can tell you the stats of every game for the last several years, she has written letters to the NFL commissioner when she disagrees with a call and she writes to Coach Pete Caroll to encourage and keep him going when she thinks he needs it. Her friends and family began a social media campaign called #awesomeavery and we certainly agree that Avery is one awesome kid.  It was our honor to invite her and her family to Stadium Place.

Jim is a Seahawks season ticket holder and one of the original 12s, keeping his faith in the Hawks since the beginning. Everyone in his section knows him as "Cline" and calls out his name as he walks down the steps. He never misses a game and even made it to the Super Bowl in New York to watch the Hawks win.  We are told he bleeds blue and green!

Avery and Jim are without a doubt Seahawks superfans! Their stories touched so many people in our community we had to have them both up to raise our 12th Man Flag!

"Sea" "Hawks" 

The day continued with a KING 5 countdown to kickoff from Stadium Place and a resident pregame rally with hot dogs grilled by our maintenance team and a very delicious Seahawks cake.

The day ended in the best way possible, with a Seahawks win - go hawks!

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