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Number One in the Nation in Resident Satisfaction


You like us.  You really like us!

We are thrilled and quite honored to share that based on the SatisFacts 2015 Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey Pillar Properties is ranked number one in the nation in resident satisfaction for companies with 2,000 units or less!  We are talking the whole country here.  Wow!

Wondering what SatisFacts is all about?  They are a national market researcher focusing on multifamily retention and reputation management. That means they ask our residents how we are doing with annual surveys and surveys following big stuff like when a resident moves in, has a maintenance request and even when a resident moves out. Though that part makes us sad - we never want anyone to leave.

The SatisFacts survey is designed to identify satisfaction, retention, reputation and overall performance. So, it goes without saying that we are pretty much blown away to receive this honor.  It all comes back to our company's Quietly Awesome customer service commitment across all aspects of our business and with every engagement.  We just want our residents to be happy and this award makes us think we are on the right track!

We would just like to humbly thank our residents and let them know that we will be gunning for that prize this year too!

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